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PackageMapping.com Extension


Track and Map packages from the right-click menu.

The purpose of this extension is to extend the features of www.PackageMapping.com.

This extension makes it easy to get tracking information for a package and display the tracking progress on Google Maps. Simply highlight the tracking number, right click, and select "Track and Map Package".

It will try to automatically determine the shipping company for the selected tracking number. If successful, it will display the shipping company's name in the right-click menu (ex. "Track and Map UPS Package '1Z12345E1512345676' "). Once you click the menu item, you will be taken to the PackageMapping.com web site where you will have access to RSS feeds and E-mail tracking updates and delivery notification.

Currently supports:
DHL Global Mail
UPS Mail Innovations

Please see the options/preferences dialog which allows you to choose between using Tabs or New Windows and whether or not to display the right-click menu item unless some text is actually selected.

Disclaimer: By using this extension, you agree to the Terms of Services for each of the respected shipping companies.

This extension does not contain any viruses, spyware, adware, or malware.

Note: This extension by no means is a replacement for Dave Kahler's "Track Package" extension. Both extensions can be installed at the same time. Many thanks go out to Dave Kahler for working with me.

Message to Reviewers:
If you know this extension works in any versions not listed here, please let me know. I have not tested it with anything other than what is listed.

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