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Task Information Collections


TICs provides buckets (or think desktops) for projects related fragmented information. It lets you create links to files, folders, web pages, web based email and pieces of text (under a task or project umbrella) by dragging them over the extension page. You can then quickly group and access this resources from within Firefox. It also lets you add your own notes, due dates, people and similar tags to information you drag or create. It also helps you understand your projects by finding overlaps through information and provides an overview of collections changes over time. You don't need to learn new organization techniques and it lets you externalize and preserve some additional project knowledge you already have, but is otherwise hard to externalise in standard applications.

All information is located on your computer and TIC works even if you are not connected to the internet.

See the extension in action on this video.

TIC is a research Personal Information Management (PIM) prototype and a project run by the PIM research group at InfoLab21 Lancaster University UK and FAMNIT University of Primorska SI. Your privacy and protection of your data is our top priority. Although this add-on works with the file system we NEVER read, edit or otherwise manipulate your emails, documents and files! For research purposes, your TICs (a list of paths of your project related information) are backed up on our server. No information will ever be shared with agents or entities outside the research group or used for any purpose other than tool research and development. You can always opt out of research study by selecting the appropriate preference setting (Tools->Add-ons and Preferences of TICs extension). By not participating you can still freely use this add-on.

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