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TPB->Proxy Link Convertor


Allows users browsing pages with links to The Pirate Bay in countries where TPB is blocked (as in the UK) to seamlessly have links diverted to a Pirate Party proxy rather than having to manually navigate via the proxy.

If you type 'thepiratebay.se' into your browser, this addon will not intercept that and will not send you to the proxy. However if you navigate your way to a page that contains a link to 'thepiratebay.se', this addon will edit that link.

This addon changes all links on a page from thepiratebay.org/* and thepiratebay.se/* to tpb.pirates.ie/*.

In addition, so that you know you are on a proxy and not the original site, this addon puts a small unobtrusive message at the top of tpb.pirateparty.org.uk to show users that they are using the proxy.

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