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BlockSite Plus


If you are a current BlockSite user
Please read
Please export your current blacklist before installing Blocksite Plus, I do not use the old BlockSite preference due to the blacklist bug that can cause a corrupted import. Importing your exported blacklist file should be fine however.

I am a long time user of BlockSite, when I found out about restartless extensions I began searching for an alternative adblock extension that is restartless. A week later I ended up with a rewritten version of BlockSite which is restartless and bug fixed.

I have tentatively released that code here.

This is a fork of the BlockSite extension with bug fixes and adds new mobile sync feature with BlockSite Plus mobile.


BlockSite (Plus) is for those who value performance and resource utilisation, at 14.3 KB in size and a reworked regex coding this version is smaller and faster than it's original.

Download files:


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