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Unimerc - Amazon Price Tracker


Unimerc-Amazon Price Tracker
Easy to use and free.

Save money by making informed purchases from Amazon. This Add-on lets you see price history charts, set price alerts and find the biggest discounts on Amazon without ever leaving Amazon's website.

View Biggest Discounts
Some of the best deals on Amazon are products that have recently had big price drops. This add-on allows you to see the products that have recently dropped in price on a wide range of products.

Price History Charts
While shopping on Amazon, view an interactive chart showing past prices of the product. Move your mouse over the chart and the prices at each point will be displayed.

Set Price Alerts
Don't like the price that a product is currently selling for, then set a price alert and get an email when the price drops.

How it Works
When you visit an Amazon product page, you will see an Unimerc icon at the bottom, right side of the browser window. If you click the icon, you will be see product price information displayed on the screen. Once you have completed viewing the price data, simply click the icon again, and the data will disappear.

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