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BitTorrent WebUI++


This Firefox extension allows you to simply click a download link for a torrent file and have it automatically uploaded to your Bit Torrent client through your preferred web interface. This is especially useful if you do a lot of browsing on a different computer than the one which is running your Bit Torrent client.

Supported Clients:
Vuze and Azureus are supported through the following Remote Control plugins
- Swing WebUI

Be aware this addon is for use with WebUI interfaces and does not work with uTorrent Remote.
uTorrent 3.0 still supports enabling classic WebUI interfaces through the options.

This version is an update on the author developed version available here:


* Added ruTorrent support
* Added magnet link support for ruTorrent

* Added Transmission BT support
* Added magnet link support for Transmission BT clients

* Added magnet link support for Deluge. (Requires Deluge 1.3.5 or greater)

* Added support for magnet links for Utorrent and Vuze/Azureus HTML plugin
* Fixed missing alert icons

* Added sound effect when adding torrents (optional setting)
* Preparation for support of magnet links
* Improved debug handling
* Minor bug fixes

* Toolbar icon added for Firefox 4+ compatibility
* Statusbar icon can be disabled via addon preferences to use customisable toolbar icon instead

* Updated for Firefox 4+ compatibility
* Fixed some minor bugs

* Added feature to open WebUI GUI page by middle click of taskbar icon.

Download files:


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