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Site Identity Button Colors


Get Favicon Restorer to get back favicons in the Location Bar.
"Favicon Restorer brings the website favicons back into the Location Bar"

The familiar blue and green color highlighting on the site identity button for verifiedIdentity and verifiedDomain have been removed in Firefox. This add-on returns color highlighting with 2 styling options.

1) Original site identity button colors (Pre Firefox 14.0a1 colors)
2) Stronger site identity button colors (Darker backgrounds, white text)
(see the screenshots above)

Some Notes:
"Original site identity button colors" is enabled by default. To choose the other one,
open the add-ons manager > Site Identity Button Colors > Options and choose "Stronger site identity button colors"
Please have only one checked at a time..
Nothing absolutely terrible will happen and in the future one will be disabled automatically when choosing the other (perhaps using radio buttons), I just don't have my head wrapped around preferences too well just yet. :)

The page-proxy-favicon's (padlock, etc) are the default ones. I believe they should be left alone, but perhaps someone will write an add-on anyway that will alter them.

This add-on's coding is based on Siddhartha Dugar's Better URL Bar


Download files:


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