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Masking Agent


Details of your platform are revealed through a HTTP request header (User-Agent)
and through a javascript object (navigator). That enables evildoers to exploit platform specific weaknesses, create a profile of you, and/or target you in commercial or other campaigns.

Masking Agent hides those platform details, by substituting a short (configurable) replacement text. The browser name and version information remains intact. That way browser updates do not disturb the extension and the extension does not disturb browser updates.

The platform details are replaced by one of the following:
1. The default replacement text, 'masking-agent'.
2. A randomized text, that changes when you start the application.
3. Your own custom text, that you provide in the settings of the add-on.
Any changes made to the replacement text are immediately reflected in the platform details.

Use the Masking Agent toolbar button to deactive and re-active Masking Agent quickly and easily, when you need to reveal your platform information for a short time.

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