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Addresses layout issues with the recent Google+ redesign, particularly for people with wide-screen displays.

1) Removes the chat column on the far right when on a widescreen monitor.
2) Expands the stream content to fill the empty #whitespace .
3) Generally moves right-heavy elements all the way to the right.
4) Removes unnecessary "help" column that includes trending topics and such.
5) Reduces chat height and keeps it docked at the bottom.
6) Changes the garish black matte around your stream's photos into a pleasant pattern.
7) Docks the "Start a Hangout" button on top of the chat window so that it is always visible.
8) Makes comment text darker so that it is legible.
9) Sets profile photo column in place while you scroll (if your window is tall enough to allow it.)

For the Google Chrome version, please visit plusfixer.com.

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