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Selenium IDE: Signature


This SeleniumIDE plugin allows you to verify the signature of any page element.
It comes useful for non-regression testing to quickly detect element changes.

Signature is done on:
  • element html content (html=...)
  • element attributes (att=...)
  • images defined as source or background (img=...)
  • styles used from the CSS (css=...)
  • links leading to a file or page (link=...)

  • A CRC32 algorithm is used to get the signature and the calculation is done on the binary content for files and images.

    This plugin installs:
  • Signature commands in the contextual menu ( right click on the page)
  • Script commands and documentation for signature
  • A "Sign" button on the right of the value field to update the signature

  • Project Website :

    Download files:


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