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Match the News


Match the News is an addon for Mozilla Firefox. It is a news recommendation system. The recommendation process takes place in real time as it retrieves periodically news articles from Google News and recommends the best matching news items for each browsed web page taking into account the user's shifting interests as they are reflected by her recent browsing history (different from Firefox's browsing history).

We capitalize on Google News feeds. The tool retrieves periodically from each Google News category the 10 top news items and maintains locally an index of the news and their features.

Recommended news are displayed as a list in a sidebar. The plugin stores locally the history of the last web pages which are browsed while Match the News is enabled. When the user visits a web page, the system compares the current web page to the indexed news and recommends the most relevant with both the current page and the current interests of user. The user time shifting interests of user are retrieved from the browsing history.

Match the News recommends different relevant news even if the same web page is reloaded.

The plugin offers techniques for recommendations' evaluation based on the news' CTR and the user's feedback. These non-compulsory items are transmitted and stored in a database server for improving the recommendation algorithm.


The system is available just after installation. However it needs some time to self train based on the user's browsing thus we suggest you start taking into account the news recommendations at least one day after the installation. In this way, sufficient news items from each category will have been indexed and the recommended news will be more valid. In addition, below the sidebar, the system informs you about the size of browsing history. After browsing history is filled up, the more pages you visit the more relevant with your interests news will be recommended.

We need your opinion and any comment about Match the News functionality and appearence.

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