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Scramble the tracks! Our module allows you to change your one-click "User-Agent": in other words, to simulate using a browser other than Firefox, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or their mobile versions.

This ability is very useful for sending false false information to websites, allowing you for example:
- Protect your privacy!
- Very difficult to make your ID on your browsing sites that could tracker "on the edge of legality" (but we do encourage you not!)
- Bypass certain limitations (time, file size) of websites (eg streaming video)
- And many other things :)

This module offers free shopping engine EasyPrice: our addon will search the best deals from vendors to insert them into the page when you use a search engine or look at a product on a commercial site. So far this service operates in the following countries:
- Germany
- Belgium
- Denmark
- Spain
- United States
- France
- Italy
- United Kingdom

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