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Dont Lose Your Query


Ever lost your query while working on phpminiadmin? this extension saves your query into localstorage and you can see last few queries used on the page. Your phpminiadmin url should match http://*/phpminiadmin/* OR https://*/phpminiadmin/*

* Stores queries and display them in "Recent" tab.
* Converts the "Databases" dropdown into a combobox.
* Automatically focuses on database combobox or query area.
*Now query textarea is an autocomplete, type any substring from previous queries to get the suggestion.

New in this version:
* Slick UI
* Ctrl + Enter to execute query
* '/' to focus on textarea
* Ctrl + Left-Click a query to execute

Upcoming Features:
* Save queries as favorites
* Synching your query to your google account

Open source, project hosted at Github

You can give suggestions or raise bugs on the above mentioned url.

Download files:


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