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Keepbag Bookmarks


Keepbag Bookmarks is a bookmark navigator designed for the bulk surfer. A bulk surfer is someone opens many web pages which squeeze the title out of tabs. On top of that, a bulk surfer often would have multiple browser windows opened. Keepbag Bookmarks is designed for this person. The idea is spend less time finding and more time thinking. In a pile of tabs, it aims to be fast and intuitive in getting to web pages you want.

* It bulk open all bookmarked pages in one new window based on context.
* Add-on stays open in the foreground for easy navigation to bookmarked pages.
* Clicking on a bookmark finds and activates the web page already loaded.
* When adding a new bookmark, instead of typing in a description, you can select text on a page as description.

Your bookmarks are saved locally in your browser's memory. It is not uploaded to any website. During private browsing however, you still can save bookmarks.
Your browsing history is at no way tracked by this add-on. A bookmark is described by this software as having a URL, a title, a context, a description, and a scroll position at which time the bookmark is saved. These data can only be saved by the user.

To Find Bookmark
The choices we made usually fit into a context, choosing to bookmark a web page should also fit a context. All bookmarks in your keepbag are organized by contexts. You can describe the context by a number of words like tags. This will act like a folder in which bookmarks are stored. To find these bookmarks, you first need to input the context key words in a search box. An autocomplete feature is enabled to help you find it. Once a context is inputted, press the enter key to find the bookmarks contained in that context. Click on the result to navigate to the page. If you wish to narrow down the result further, click on the Pages breadcrumb will switch your search profile to pages within the context. Autocomplete is turned off at this point. Just type in any characters that will help you narrow down your list of bookmarks.

To Add Bookmark
There are two ways in which you can add a bookmark. One is on a web page, right click to bring up the context menu. You can select Keep Page to bring up the add bookmark dialog. If you right clicked on a link, you can select Keep Link instead. Keep Link saves the link instead of the page you are on. The second way in which you can add a bookmark is after you bring up the edit page, there is a new button. Add a new bookmark the same way you would with Keep Page or Keep Link.

To Edit Bookmark
After you inputted a word and press enter at the search box, you can press the Edit button to edit all bookmarks within that context. If you wish to see or edit all contexts, click on the Edit All instead.

To Import & Export Bookmarks
Import and export bookmarks are based on NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1 document type. You should be able to import bookmarks from browsers that support this type of document.
Firefox and Google Chrome bookmarks files are test along with Keepbag's own bookmarks file. To perform the import or export, bring up the Keepbag widget then click on the edit button. This will bring up the edit page which contains the import and export function.

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