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Password Age Visualizer


You know you should be changing your passwords regularly! With this add-on, you can quickly see how long you've been using your passwords and which ones are due for a change. You'll see all of the passwords you use listed, with the ones over 200 days old highlighted in red. As you continue to change to new passwords and update your password manager, the bars will change back to blue!

Start the visualization by clicking on the red padlock in the add-on bar.

The visualization is fairly intuitive, but here's a quick summary of what this tool will tell you.

The four color bars along the left hand column are the visual hashes of each of your passwords. These visual hashes are produced the same ways as in the visual hashing add-on, which complements this one. You can also click on a visual hash to view your password.

Underneath each password is its age in days, and the bar that extends to the right represents how many days have passed since its first use. If the bar is red in color, that password is over 200 days old and should be changed.

Additionally, each bar has black "ticks" on it, which represent a point in time that password was used on a new website. Hover over a tick to see the site's name.

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