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TRUSTe Tracker Protection Beta


TRUSTe Tracker Protection allows users to take control of their privacy. By blocking or limiting cookies, Etags, Javascripts, and Beacons, the add-on allows for some privacy in the caos of the web. TRUSTe aslo certifies companies that are responsible with your data, and if targeted ads from these trusted companies are desired, allows only those companies (or others the user decides to allow) to trace your movements in order to serve those relavent ads.

This add-on is in public BETA and is a first version.

TRUSTe recommends that the user select "Report New Tracking Data to TRUSTe" so that any discoveries made by your copy of the plugin can be sent back to the TRUSTe repository in order to be shared with all add-on users, providing assistance for the community.

TRUSTe Tracker Protection add-on is a tracker blocking tool for all users and it displays the information being collected on the web pages you visit in an easy to understand format. To view the trackers on any web page, simply go to that page, open the TRUSTe Preferences menu, and select the "current site" tab. The TRUSTe logo only shows in the URL bar when there are third parties (trackers or otherwise) on a web page.

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