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What is uPassword?

uPassword is a password generator, it helps you to create and manage passwords for different web sites, bank account, or electric devices.

The reason to use uPassword

Most users are using the same password for the web sites, email accounts, e-commerce site, online payment, etc. In this case, one password leak event, all your accounts are in the risk. And you need to change password for all of those which are using the same account name, email address and password.

Some advance users are using different passwords but still in a limited number. The security experts also recommend use the different password for ALL your accounts especial for those important accounts, and change them regularly. uPassword makes it possible.

How does uPassword work

Unlike the other password generator which generates password random and stores it, uPassword generate the password with unique algorithm, without save. User can retrieve it anytime.

In uPassword, user finial password depends on the original password (we called it master password), and password rule such as the id, length, characters.

Why it is safe?

In uPassword, only the password rules are saved. And all passwords are calculated real-time after the master password is inputted. No account information, no password information, nothing to leak.

Can uPassword record my current existing password?

In mobile version, uPassword provide the ability to record user’s current password before it be changed with the new generated one. Again, we highly recommend use the new generated password for the varieties stages/websites ASAP. And the current existing password will not be saved in plaintext, it is encrypted using AES128 with master password.

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