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Provides an interface for viewing RDFa metadata embedded in web pages, including Creative Commons licenses.

To see an example of the general RDFa feature, go to http://digg.com/arts_culture/Santa_Claus_2008_Five_Sci_Fi_Rebirths_For_Santa_Claus and wait for the page to finish loading. Click the new Microformats open box in the address bar, and you will see the machine-parsed representation of the page's title, date, and summary ("abstract").

To see an example of the Creative Commons-specific portion, go to a Creative Commons-licensed web page, such as http://joi.ito.com/weblog/2004/02/21/mozcc.html . Wait for the page to finish loading (you may have to refresh it due to a bug in the current MozCC), and you will see a CC icon in the status bar. Hover the mouse over it and you will see the license URL.

(Features we are working on: Not requiring that page refresh, and showing the icons that represent the license of the page you are looking at.)

MozCC stores the information it retrieves in a database stored in your profile. This allows the extension to run faster, only parsing pages that have changed since we last saw the page. We are open to thoughts as to how to take advantage of this stored information in future revisions.

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