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Will Easy Copy support Firefox Quantum/WebExtensions?
The answer, unfortunately, is No.

I loved making Easy Copy and hearing how it's helped people. But, as a hobby extension, it took a lot of time to develop and I just don't have that time anymore, not with my day job and other side projects that I'm working on. Proof: There hasn't been an update to it in over 2 years :)

Mozilla, rightly, introduced a very different model for Firefox extensions, one which I think and hope has made Firefox better and leaner. But it also means that Easy Copy will probably need a rewrite or, at best, a time-sapping port.

Like many of you, I still use Easy Copy myself and have mainly stuck to an older version of Firefox to keep using it and a couple of other, older extensions. I don't know of any good, functioning alternatives either. Eventually I'll have to upgrade but I'm hoping by then that someone would have made an Easy Copy altenative so I don't have to :)

I appreciate everyone's awesome feedback and I'm glad I could make the Internet a bit easier to copy!

* Copy links to a page with one click, ready to paste anywhere else.
* Copy other details such as its URL, title, today's date, HTML source, etc.
* Lots of pre-built templates including copy title as link, Wiki-format links, BBCode links, HTML Source and more.
* Copy across all tabs in the active window or all windows. See the Copy All Tabs Options.
* Copy all links on a page or links in the current selection.
* Copy selected text as plain text or Markdown links. See More Template Ideas for details.
* Move frequently-used templates to the main context menu so they're one click away.
* Assign keyboard shortcuts to frequently used templates. Note: Keyconfig is required if you want to manage shortcuts.
* Create your own templates with lots of variables to choose from.

Visit the Easy Copy home for more ideas on how to use Easy Copy.

How To Use
Once you've installed Easy Copy, the Easy Copy menu should appear in your right-click context menu. Click any of the templates in the menu and your text will be copied to the clipboard, ready to be pasted somewhere else.

Keyboard shortcuts: Press Ctrl+Shift+U to copy the URL or Ctrl+Shift+Y to copy a link of the page's title and its URL to the clipboard. Keyboard shortcuts are configurable with Keyconfig.

Feedback, Suggestions and Issues
If you have any feedback, suggestions or issues, please post it at the Easy Copy thread.

Alternatively, visit the Easy Copy blog for news about new features, issues, tips and a chance to give your feedback.

Please don't use the reviews on this page to log issues but log them at the support page. I'll be able to help out a lot quicker and easier from there.

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