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Hyperlink5 Cloud Bookmarks


New!--We have added the ability to export all (or only certain folders) of your Firefox bookmarks to Hyperlink5.

Hyperlink5 (hyperlink5.com) is a simple service that lets you save and manage bookmarks across multiple computers.

Save links from your browser
This plug-in allows you to save bookmarks directly from Firefox to Hyperlink5.

Drag & drop to move, right-click to edit
It's extremely simple to edit your links. Right-click on it to edit the text. Drag and drop it to group things.

Use your links from anywhere--mobile, tablet or computer
Simply go to hyperlink5.com and sign in. We'll make sure you don't have to sign in too often.

No clunky menus or folders
Folders hide key links and menus are a pain to use. Hyperlink5 has neither because links are thoughtfully organized in columns, groups, and rows.

Easily manage hundreds of links
Because folders and menus are so clunky, it's hard to manage bookmarks through a browser. With hyperlink5, you can easily manage hundreds of links.<p></p>

Bookmarks aren't mobile
Because of limitations with mobile devices and browsers, booksmarks aren't sync'd with your mobile device. You can access hyperlink5 from any device, with the links optimized for your screen size.

Download files:


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