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Visited works by using your browsing history and replace color of all visited links.
It's useful for any forums, webboards, image galleries or websites that don't show visited link color.

Press Alt+V to mark/unmark visited links.
Press Alt+Shift+V to random visited color links.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V to mark/unmark image borders.

For advanced options go to about:config?filter=jetpack.visited
For vaild color names go to http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_colornames.asp
For site exceptions go to add-on's options and edit your sites such as "mail.live.com,paypal.com,"
(each sites must be seperated by comma ",")

Important note for Firefox 57+:
- Visited won't work. You can use Visited Lite.

Important note for Firefox 55+:
- Sometimes Visited won't work in a single page. You can refresh that page.
- If you found it won't work frequently. You can use Visited and Visited Lite together.
- There is known cause, will be fixed in next version of Visited

Visited Lite:

Download files:


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