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It's great fun to browse among YouTube videos, but it's not so fun once you've fallen into YouTube Abyss. That's the zone where nearly all of the 'related' videos are pointless, despite incredibly high view-counts. If only you could see the like/dislike bar before clicking on the thumbnail ...

Now you can, with Janus. Janus adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails. Now you can skip the junk, and get back to enjoying your video browsing!

Janus also has options to hide thumbnails for poorly rated videos, and completely remove thumbnails for really poorly rated videos. You choose the percentage of dislikes that qualifies as "poor" and "really poor". This frees up screen real estate for the remaining thumbnails, making it even easier to find the good ones.

You can also set a minimum on the number of votes a video needs to have before Janus applies it's hiding / removal actions. Those thumbnails for videos with few votes still get a like/dislike bar, but faded to show that there are fewer than your setting for minimum number of votes.

Janus works well on a video's page, and on the main page and search pages, too. Janus also keeps track of ratings info it fetches, so that it doesn't need to re-fetch the same info, which allows Janus to display that ratings info immediately.

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