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MyCoupons Add-on


The MyCoupons Add-on has two parts

1) A Status Bar (located in the Add-ons bar of the browser)
2) A Toolbar (located just below the Personal Toolbar of the browser).

1) Adding the MyCoupons Add-on will place an icon in the form of the MyCoupons Shamrock logo on the Firefox add-ons toolbar, located at the bottom of the browser window. When you visit a website for which MyCoupons has online discounted coupon codes, the icon will become active, appear on the toolbar in full color (green/white), and begin to flash. Once active, the icon can be clicked, opening the corresponding website/retailer page on MyCoupons.com in a new browser tab, which displays all available coupons for the current retailer.

When visiting a website for which MyCoupons has no coupon codes, the status bar will appear grey in color and, upon clicking, will open the MyCoupons homepage (www.mycoupons.com) in a new browser window.

2) The MyCoupons Add-on also comes with an extra toolbar that appears when visiting a website/retailer for which MyCoupons carries coupon codes. Upon visiting, the toolbar will appear near the top of the browser window, immediately under the personal toolbar/bookmark bar. Contained in the toolbar is the following information:

The Toolbar also contains an ‘X’ or cancel button that will remove the current toolbar from view. *Please note that this will not remove future toolbars from appearing.

By downloading this add-on you agree to our terms of service (http://www.mycoupons.com/terms.html).

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