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Password Reuse Visualizer


Ever been told not to reuse the same password across different websites? With this add-on, you can visualize your passwords and the sites you use them on. By looking at this visualization, you can get a quick idea of which passwords you've been using the most, and the kinds of sites you're using them on. As you continue to change your passwords and update your password manager, the picture will improve!

Start the visualization by clicking on the blue padlock in the add-on bar.

The visualization is fairly intuitive, but here's a quick summary of what this tool will tell you.

The green nodes represent distinct passwords you use. Hover over them to see a visual hash of your password, and click to view your password in clear text. The visual hashes are produced the same way as in the visual hashing add-on.

The blue nodes represent individual sites you use, and they're connected, by blue edges, to the green password nodes you use on that site.

You may also see orange box-shaped nodes that connect two password nodes. These are warnings about password similarity. Password similarity can be a wise and secure tool to use a single password across many different sites, so these warnings are not necessarily bad, or even a call to action. They connect passwords of the same "family".

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