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URL Flipper


URL Flipper allows you to easily increment or decrement a portion of a URL without having to manually edit the text in the Location Bar.

Once you have told URL Flipper which part of the URL you would like to change, you can flip through URL sequences with a single click of a toolbar button or press of a keyboard shortcut. It is very useful for navigating through image galleries, forum threads, etc.

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* Easy-to-use
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URL Flipper can be invoked with customizable keyboard shortcuts or with the click of a toolbar button. The usage guide details all of the ways to use URL Flipper and the shortcuts that users can use.

And to reduce the number of times you have to see the pattern setup dialog, URL Flipper can also remember your URL patterns across browser sessions.

* Smart handling of bad URLs
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URL Flipper has an option to seamlessly skip past bad URLs (those returning HTTP status codes 301-303, 403, 404, and 410), making it easier to get to the content that you are looking for. Additionally, URL Flipper will prevent redirects (i.e., HTTP 3xx and Refresh redirects) for pages that are loaded through URL Flipper (all other page loads are unaffected), so that your flow is not disrupted on sites that use redirects for errors.

* Pattern options
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URL Flipper supports incrementing and decrementing—with customizable interval sizes—decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and generic alphanumeric segments.

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Security of Data and Privacy
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In order to remember patterns across browser restarts, it is necessary for URL Flipper to save information about the URL patterns that it has encountered. This information is saved locally in your user profile in a file named urlflipper.json. URL Flipper takes the matter of data privacy very seriously, and as a result, NO PART OF ANY URL IS EVER SAVED by URL Flipper. Instead, URL Flipper saves a cryptographic hash of a URL's pattern data, which means that it is impossible for anyone or anything to extract any URL patterns from this stored information without resorting to a brute-force trial-and-error attack. This design decision provides an inherent and significant layer of privacy for the URL patterns that are accumulated. For normal, everyday use, this means that the only way to peek at the stored pattern information is to visit a webpage and see if that particular page's URL is recognized as matching an existing pattern.

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More Information
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More information is available at the official webpage:

Usage guide:

Download files:


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