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Attention Recorder


Everything we do online—what we browse, what feeds we read, what we search for—increasingly represents who we are. This “Attention Data” has real value and needs to be protected.

Until now, only companies on the other side of our clicking captured this value. AttentionTrust is a not-for-profit organization that attempts to place the user in control of his or her Attention data.

The Attention Recorder is an open source Firefox extension that allows users to monitor their clickstream and browsing history. YOU alone are in sole control of this information, when it is stored locally on your desktop in an XML file. YOU alone can choose to share it with a service you trust.

AttentionTrust believes that you have the following rights to your Attention Data:

1. Property--You own your data
2. Mobility--You can copy or delete your data.
3. Economy--You can exchange your data with others your trust.
4. Transparency--You can see how your data is being used

For more information on the principles, Attention Recorder, or educational programs visit www.attentiontrust.org.

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