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Cocoon for Firefox only works with Firefox 30 and below! Do not use Cocoon with Firefox 31!

The Cocoon toolbar includes a number of features and services to ensure the highest levels of privacy and security. Cocoon prevents advertisers and companies from monitoring online activity by blocking cookie tracking. To prevent intrusions from Internet downloads, the smart proxy software instantly scans files downloaded for viruses, malware or malicious code before it reaches a user’s computer. Additionally, Cocoon offers disposable email addresses so that personal email boxes do not get jammed with spam.

You can always get the newest version of Cocoon from the getcocoon.com website.

Main Features
* Truly Anonymous Browsing
* Stops Online Tracking
* Anti-Virus Protection
* Secure Connection on Public WiFi
* Privacy on Shared Computers
* Browsing History Encrypted
* History Accessible on Multiple Devices
* Blocks Drive-by Malware Attacks
* Secures Webmail Access
* Cookies Stored off Your Computer
* Anonymous Email Addresses

Quotes About Cocoon

“Cocoon looks like a serious contender for one of the best add-ons of the year”

“Cocoon wraps all those privacy features into one simple add-on”

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