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Download your myspace albums with mluchipranie.
1. If you want to download all your albums at once, go to the photos section, right click over the "Albums" text, click
[mluschipranie download all albums].
2. If you just want to download a single album, goto the photos section, right click over any album, click [mluschipranie download album].
3. If you have [prompt for options everytime] checked in the options page(this is the default behaviour), you will be prompted for selecting a directory where the album(s) will be saved. Otherwise the album will be saved in the selected directory of the options page.
4. In the album selected mluschipranie will create a folder for the myspace user id owner of the photos if it does not exist, and below that folder will create another folder whose name will be that of the album. Inside the album there should be your photos together with a xml file.
5. If you don't want to abandon your browser to see your downloaded albums, open the widget panel(mluschipranie's icon right-bottom), click [album browser].
6 If you had [full mode] checked in the options page(this is an experimental feature and it is unset by default) when you downloaded your album. You will be able to see the comments by clicking any photo whose comments number be > 0.
7 You can delete photos and albums through the [album browser], but take care not to have another files in your album's folder, because if you delete an album through the album browser, the album's folder with all its content will be erased forever and won't be able to recover it.
8. Mluschipranie will open a tab with the Mluschipranie Debugger title, this is mluschipranie's console, and it will be opened whenever mluschipranie comes in action, through this tool you can see what it is happening and monitor mluschipranie's tasks before and after mluschipranie downloads start.
9. When mluschipranie end up gathering album's data will open the download's manager, here you can see the progress of your photos, you'll be notified when all downloads complete.

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