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ShopDAQ Price Compare


Automatic Comparison Shopping

Shop normally and ShopDAQ will find lower prices and coupons for the items and stores that you are visiting.

ShopDAQ Price Compare automatically looks for competitive prices on individual items that you view in an e-commerce site and displays them in a small bar at the top of the page. It also notifies you if coupons are available for the site that you are currently at and gives you the coupon codes.

Since we search multiple sources in parallel, we are usually able to find better prices than you would by going to a price comparison search engine directly. In addition, ShopDAQ does not require you to change your shopping habits; in our tests, it recognized most mass produced products on major shopping sites in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany, and often found lower cost sources for identical items.

Our extension only appears when it finds competitive prices or coupons for products or sites that you are viewing.

(Currently works in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany; other countries coming soon.)

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