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Google Voice - Click-2-Call


This extension allows you to click on any phone number within a web page and use your google voice login credentials to place the call as a ring-back feature.

Click a phone number on any page to place a call using Google Voice. Displays your number in the status bar and lists your most recent call when hovered.

You NEED to first setup a Google Voice account to use this extension. It DOES NOT allow placing calls directly from your computer via microphone. Google Voice is a call-back system and this extension will allow you the ability to click a phone number on a web page, Google Voice will then call your ring-back number and ring out to the phone number on the web page.

This extension is designed to save you time from not having to write the number down and then dial it. In addition, it will show your Google Voice number on the recipients caller I.D.

Setup and Installation:
Install this addon
Restart Firefox
Open Settingsā€¦
Enter your Google Account e-mail address & password
Enter the number you want to ring for outgoing calls (not your GV number)

Make sure you have your Add-on Bar enabled in Firefox

To view a Video on how this extension works, go here: http://youtu.be/uRPLY_IThw8

Future Releases:
- Better layout popup
- Contact Integration

To Learn more about me, visit me on my http://elijahclark.com Blog to Stay updated with new releases, beta testing and trouble shooting.

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