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Trueblock Plus


Trueblock Plus is a fork of the Adblock Plus extension for blocking unwanted advertisements on the web. As of version 2.0.1, Adblock Plus now, by default, deliberately prevents some advertisements from being blocked. This “feature” can be disabled but is turned on by default. This fork provides the exact same features as Adblock plus, with this unpopular, unwanted "feature" turned off by default.

The only differences from the default Adblock Plugin are (1) Disabling of "acceptable" advertisements by default and (2) Re-branding so there are no trademark conflicts and it is clear whether Trueblock Plus vs Adblock Plus is installed.

Version numbers track release numbers of Adblock Plus.

Source Code is released under the MPL, as with Adblock Plus. Public Source Code Repository is here: https://bitbucket.org/ericpaulbishop/trueblockplus/src

There is no donation button. This is deliberate. I don't want any monetary donations (code contributions welcome!). I want to make it clear that I get no monetary benefit from this fork. I just want somewhere to direct friends and family to get a piece of software that blocks ads with minimal configuration. That's it. If Adblock Plus gets rid of this horrible "feature," this fork will be discontinued. If you REALLY feel the need to donate, please donate to Adblock Plus instead, and add a note with your contribution that you would appreciate if the "acceptable" ads feature be removed. Money talks, and this might help convince the people over at Adblock Plus to reconsider.

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