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Ads Fund Official Add-on


'The anti-ageing add-on for Firefox: moving towards living forever'

Have you ever wanted more money to be spent on improving human longevity -- making people who are soon likely to die live longer? Making the money help as many people as possible?

Ads Fund was designed for that purpose: take money from a very profitable big business, and put that money into improving human longevity.

The big business? Advertising. Currently, advertising earns Google over $15bn every year.

How does it work? Ads Fund will sell its own adverts, dedicating 50% of profits to fund work to improve human longevity. If a person has the Ads Fund Firefox add-on installed, it will show a green button if there are ads for a page a user is viewing. Ads may be shown for Google searches, Youtube videos, Youtube generally, or Twitter pages. Users would have control: ads would only be shown if a user clicked on the green button.

The 'golden' button is shown if there are ads on the central ad list that everyone can see without having to search or use one of the other supported services.

It's early in Ads Fund's history. But already, Ads Fund has over 60 users per day from over 20 different countries, and over 1200 total downloads of the add-on. Downloads continue, and you can help too.

Opt-in, and keep the add-on installed to show advertisers you want to see ads!

Now also available for Google Chrome.

Find more at the Ads Fund website: http://www.adsfund.org

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