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FireTube (Youtube Music Player)


* FireTube only works with versions of Firefox 37.* and lower.

FireTube is a simple, easy to use music player that allows you to listen to any song, any time, any where. With FireTube, it's easy to discover new great music by creating playlists automatically and allowing you to sync playlists to any Firefox browser. Remember to support your favorite musicians by buying their albums and songs.

* Create and Save Playlists (Menu Button)
* Quick Control Hotkeys (Menu Button)
* View Music Video (Song Title Bar)
* Volume Control (Time Bar)
* Download Song (Download Button)

How It Works:
- Refer to the screenshots for a quick overview on how to use FireTube.
- When you search for a song or artist, a playlist will be built for you based on your query. To access your playlist, click the "Menu" icon which the rightmost icon. From there you can edit the playlist by dragging or deleting songs. You can add songs to the playlist by clicking the "Add Songs" tab. and searching for an artist or song. To add the song to your current playlist, simply click the "Move" icon of the song and drag it to the left or double click.
- You can save your playlists by signing into Google or Facebook. Google is the recommended approach as it remembers your login information each time you start Firefox. After you have made your playlist, rename the playlist and click the "Save" button. The playlist will be accessible from any Firefox browser with your login information and can be viewed and opened by clicking the "Open" button. Clicking the "Sign Out" button will logout and stop FireTube from logging in automatically.

FireTube Not Working:
- You must have FireFox v21 or higher to use FireTube.
- If you are using FireFox v28 or lower and you do not see the player: Go to Menu(Firefox button) -> Options -> Add-on Bar or use "Ctrl - /".
- Make sure Adobe Flash 8 or higher is installed and restart your browser.
- Check if you have a JavaScript blocker such as NoScript installed. The YouTube API requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to function correctly.
- FireTube will not work with the addon: HttpsEverywhere
- In the "about:config" settings, "plugins.click_to_play must be disabled.
- If errors still persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling again as well as restarting the browser.
- For further troubleshooting, go to "https://developers.google.com/youtube/youtube_player_demo" and test the ability to play embedded videos.

If you encounter any errors or have a recommendation, please report to [email protected]

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