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Consumer Curiosity


Today's Internet users consist of curious surfers (those with extra time on their hands and/or a procrastination habit) and consuming shoppers (the ones who are too busy or lazy to do the real thing). Inspired by Mozilla's right-click "Google" feature, Consumer Curiosity enables users to instantly satisfy burning curiosity and/or immediately locate a plethora of retail options. It's easy -- just highlight the word you want to FIND or BUY and right-click to launch into an expedited search outside the same old predictable Google parameters.

DISCLAIMER-- you will notice no differentiation amongst the FIND and BUY options: this is part of the fun! Not only will the Consumer Curiosity make your web browsing experience more convenient -- you will also become a more spontaneous, flowing surfer as you leave it up to the universe to guide your search/shop.*

Best of luck. Advanced apologies for any frustration this add-on may cause. Just relax and let the leading online corporations of free market Capitalism take hold!

*Links are chosen based upon highest-paying website corporation. The developers of Consumer Curiosity do not necessarily support or feel as though these sites are the most appropriate for individual user needs. We just want to generate the most revenue possible. Feel free to make a cash offer to add a Consumer Curiosity link to your search engine or virtual store!

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