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Forwarding to the available information resources


The mission is to universalizing ways redirects and reduce the loss of information.
Use the system can both simple users of the Internet and web-designers and site administrators, and other resources. If you stumbled on a network resource that is not available, and then found the address where available - add your address in our system! This will provide you and other people. You can add the exact URL, and masks, for example pereadresuya all content from one site to another site (in the case of a change in name of site), or from one site to another section (in the case of changing the section title), and even in the event of any change of the way in the content.
Ordinary users can use a plugin system for easy access to local and network resources (directories and files), including use convenient aliases: for example, the folder "My Documents", you can specify the alias "docks" or simply "e" when you type alias in the address bar of your browser window to open the contents of the folder "My Documents". This feature is currently only for Google Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cdcnpmjhdnbadcoiliigcffbjblphgdg

The system is primarily intended for forwarding (redirection) from older and more invalid network and local addresses (links) to the existing information resources, on which the resource is available. The system can produce an extended search for interesting information resources and addresses to which interest the information resources available.

There are many ways redirects. Many CMS provides simultaneous operation of both old and new links. The system duplicates and complements the existing methods of diversion in the event of inoperability, as well as extends the functionality to deal with inaccessible resources. Therefore, in many cases, the system may be more convenient to "traditional" way, as the addition of an alternative and stable reserves. The system does not force the use of modified and attached to the system redirects the source address in its namespace, and leaves a natural and original, and published online.

The system will centrally address the problem of obsolete and inaccessible network addresses, to combine and unify the different ways to different types of call forwarding of information resources, freely and independently of the use of web-servers and the CMS and any of their settings. For this purpose, the base system is enough to bring information about the source address, in which resources are not available temporarily or permanently, and the address for which data resources are available.

The main function of the system - to handle requests with source addresses, and return the appropriate result source address. This need arises, for example, when, for whatever reason, changing the network address of a resource (document, file, etc.), but the resource itself or its nearest equivalents are available or are in other locations. Usually, if a network resource is unavailable, it is accessed the program access to resources (in the first place it comes to browsers and loaders) returns an error "404" and similar, which means the absence or permanent or temporary unavailability of the resource at the specified address. This situation occurs often enough, and the number of such "old" links in the Internet is constantly growing.

To communicate the programs to access and the system is proposed to install add-ons (plugins, modules) to access these programs, which will be triggered in case of problems, access to resources. In this case, a request to the operating system and search for addresses as well as automatic access to resources (such as call forwarding to existing web-pages).

Of course, the system may not be as fast as traditional methods of redirects - but in the case of outdated addresses important not so much speed as to prevent loss of information. Likewise, the system functions as part of search engines, as it allows the owners of resources (and other users of the system) is uniquely provide information about the new location of the resource and its characteristics, and metadata.

In addition to these functions to be implemented are a lot more, one way or another connected with the redirection.

Operation of the system and all its services will always try to remain free for users, although in order to prevent all sorts of abuse will have to introduce some restrictions on the number of redirects to be placed. If you want to - can support the project financially, if ever, this system will generate sufficient income to contextual advertising - will return your investment, maybe even with interest)).

The plans to make the project opensursnym and free - if it really turns out to be the right people as an alternative to the various pay systems and specialized forwarding (perhaps even an alternative system of DNS). Then the project will really serve the people, protecting the network from data loss and linking (matching) invalid and valid addresses to ensure the availability and exact search of information resources.

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