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Update:Version 2.0 !!!

- Improvements on the UX
- Schedule your sharings :-)
- Configure the aspect of your links on Facebook.

With karmacracy, you can share to several social networks with just two clicks, and find your real relevance.

Karmacracy provides you with:

- Statistics: learn, for each link, how much others clicked you, where from, at what time, and which social network from. This will help you to analyze which links you send, which texts you use, which networks you send them to, at what time you do it, and what repercusion it has in your followers.
- Relevance: discover how relevant you are. Karmacracy calculates a ranking depending on the links you send and the people reading those links. This ranking is also applied to words and domains. Are you relevant in your own domain, or is somebody else sending more links successfully? Are you the most relevant talking about “smartphones”?
- Social: discover who else is sharing the same links you do, and create a circle around the content you share. Google, Facebook and Twitter have manual circles in which you have to decide who is in or out; karmacracy has an automatic circle, in which people gets in based on the content you send and they send. That way, you can read their links and discover new content.
- Fun: While you share revelant content, you unlock funny “nuts” (the same way you unlock badges in foursquare). Do you speak constantly about iphone? Unlock the iphone fanboy nut! Sharing links from space agencies? Unlock the space nut!
- Profit from your influence: Everyday you share content from different products or brands that you believe in with no profit. In Karmacracy you can obtain some money for sharing content if you believe it is valuable for you and your networks.

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