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Auto USPS Customs Forms


THIS NO LONGER WORKS, since USPS changed their website. Try this instead:

Sending international shipments through the United States Postal Service? Trying to print out their customs forms through their website ( https://webapps.usps.com/customsforms/ )? Have you noticed how tedious a process it is, especially with multiple packages?

This extension will read a comma separated value (CSV) file (which can be exported as a comma delimited text file from a spreadsheet or database program, e.g. Excel or Access) with recipient information and send the data to the USPS's Customs Forms website, which makes you visit 4 pages to just download one form. It will not only download the PDFs for each recipient, but will combine them into one PDF file with two forms per page, instead of one, like USPS does for standard Form 2976, or combine the 4 pages required for the Form 2976-A into two pages. It is available through "Create USPS Customs Forms" in your "Tools" menu.

Note: Exemption and Exclusion values mean the following:
  1. Value is $2500 or less with no export license required.
  2. Authorized shipments of gifts or humanitarian donations.
  3. Value is more than $2500 and/or export license is required.

If only sending one item per recipient, the CSV files should be in one of the following formats:

If sending multiple items per recipient, the CSV files should be in the following formats.

(Note: multiple items require two CSV files instead of one -- one for recipient data and one for package data. The two files are related via the number in the first column, the FormID. Each recipients' package must be assigned a unique number identifier and each of their corresponding items will have that same number at the beginning of each line. You can include as many items as you want, but Forms 2976 will have 3 items per form, and Forms 2976-A will have 5 items per form. Additional forms will be created as needed if package item count exceeds these limits.)

(Those headings can be used as the first line of the CSV file.)

Download files:


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