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Simpleology Browser Add-on



- Allows you to add notes, to-dos, links and more to your Simpleology Dream Catcher quickly through your browser no matter where you are on the web.

- Adds convenient options to your right-click menu, a button to your toolbar/add-on bar, and the ability to quickly drop Dream Catcher items into your address bar by typing "dc {enter text here}".

- Allows for Site Blocking and Surf Disruption to help remove the distraction of mindless surfing, and keep you focused on the productive aspects of your day.

Watch the quick start video for full details: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJzrtVkhYFw

Future versions of the Simpleology Browser Add-on will integrate additional Simpleology features and further productivity-boosting enhancements.


When installing the Simpleology Browser Add-on for the first time you will be prompted to enable the Dream Catcher 'Omnibox', which installs as a Firefox search engine (just below Google). You may enable / disable the Dream Catcher 'Omnibox' at any time by going to the "Options" menu. Many other features including Site Blocking and Surf Disruption may also be toggled 'on' or 'off' via the "Options" menu.

As this add-on sends data over the Internet (when you save items to your Dream Catcher), please read the Simpleology Privacy Policy - http://www.simpleology.com/privacy.php

If you have any questions about the Simpleology Browser Add-on, please contact our Customer Care Team for assistance - http://www.simpleology.com/support

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