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quTextMark extension and SciMozFB Plugin


quTextMark-SciMozFB is an Extension/Addon, coupling the marking facility of TextMarker! 0.3.4 with quoting facility of QuoteURLText 1.0.9b, and a Scintilla (of SciTE) text editor Mozilla plugin (implemented through FireBreath).

Essentially, the extension+plugin allow that a selection (or a set of highlights) on a webpage are quoted according to a user-set format - and appended to a text file, opened in a Scintilla plugin in a background Firefox tab; which should simplify the plain-text web-content quoting process. Additionally, quoting can be performed to Clipboard (RAM).

Both the plugin framework (FireBreath) and the Scintilla source are cross-platform; however, binary plugins need to be built separately for each platform. Here, the plugin (.so file) has been built on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) and tested additionally on Ubuntu 11.04, both times in Firefox 7. There are as of now no sources for platforms other than X11 (so, no WIndows, Mac); as well no binary plugins for any other platform (so if this download fails for you, you may have to build the plugin binary from source).

The xpi file downloaded will thus offer to install two extensions: qutextmark-smfb.xpi (quTextMark-SciMozFB) is the actual Firefox extension (with overlays and JavaScript functionality); while SciMozFB.xpi (Scintilla Mozilla (FireBreath) Plugin) is an "extension" simply packaging the plugin (npSciMozFB.i386.so).

For more detailed source building instructions for both the plugin (shell scripts) and the extension (Makefile), see http://sdaaubckp.sf.net/ext/quTextMark-SciMozFB/quTextMark-SciMozFB-doc.htm

Download files:


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