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SafeWallet Password Manager - Firefox Extension


SafeWallet Password Manager making managing passwords and sensitive information a breeze.
It is jam packed with features:

- Highly Secure - Runs against a local database so your passwords can never leave your computer*
- Makes Life Easier - Never forget or have to remember passwords again
- Secures Your Browsing - Browser add-ons simplify your online passwords management
- Fills Login Forms - Browser integration automatically fills your logins while you browse
- Accessible from Anywhere - It's available on all devices - mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
- Protects You - SafeWallet Password Manager keeps you safe & secure
- Is Always Available - Secure Sync keeps your passwords in sync between all devices - safely!

* syncing across devices is optional but requires to sync the database across the network in a highly secure manner. by default this is turned off.

Currently requires the SafeWallet Desktop Software to be installed.
Please visit https://www.safewallet.com

Download files:


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