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FitBolt for Firefox


This addon allows you to integrate the Fitbolt workday health & wellness platform into your Firefox browser. FitBolt provides you with notifications and reminders about health, nutrition, exercise, stretches, wellness, and posture. The notifications are given to you based on a criteria of your FitBolt preferences, your previous history and opinions (based on your ratings and starred items), your gender, the time of day, and relevance/importance. These notifications remind you to do things like stretch out your wrists, walk to a coworkers desk instead of IM to chat, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. The Addon uses FitBolt's API to get your notifications and requires you to have a Fitbolt account to use.

Notifications come on a timer (based on your preferences) but can be triggered manually, and are of varying categories (again, based on your preferences). When the notifications comes you are alerted via a popup window and sound chime (preference based) and flashing text in the toolbar widget. You can click on the widget to see the notifications, and you can rate/star the notification based on your opinion and experience with it. You can then hide the notification from view, and are able to view your previous history to see what you have done throughout the day. You can also pause the timer at any point.

A full user guide for the FitBolt addon can be viewed at fitbolt.com/guides/firefox

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