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Our AdLimiter does everything SearchRater does, and also limits search ads to one ad per page. We recommend switching to Ad Limiter, which has far more users than SearchRater. Ad Limiter, set to "Allow all ads", is equivalent to SearchRater.

Due to changes in the Firefox interface for add-ons, there will be no further updates to SearchRater.

SearchRater is most effective when searching for heavily spammed topics. Try it out on queries where the major search engines return irrelevant, heavily promoted results.

SearchRater will place a rating icon alongside each text ad on every search result shown by the major search engines. These icons show SiteTruth's automated opinion of the legitimacy of the search result destination. Ratings are based on multiple data sources, including secure certificates, business addresses on web sites, large lists of businesses, and other sources. They are not customer opinions.

SearchRater performs some functions of the popular, but discontinued, CustomizeGoogle and OptimizeGoogle.

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