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Neopets Toolbar Add-on


16 September 2017 - Incoming Transmission

*Buzz* Is th... ... orking? Oh, greetings! Unfortunately I had moved on with life and stopped updating the toolbar (and I once told a friend on Neopets, that will be the time I stopped Neopets as well), though I had to apologize for the silence for the past 9 years (OMG, 9 years already?). I will be keeping this active as a part of history and reference.

When I first created this Firefox extension, its purpose is to provide value-added feature to the existing Neopets Toolbar. After which it develops into a standalone extension when the Neopets Toolbar stopped working due to incompatibility. It has been an interesting journey. For now, I am currently working on Android app development in my free time. If you have any ideas (perhaps even related to Neopets!), feel free to contact me.

ntaddon.swordfire.net and ntplus.info will be shut down on mid October 2017. You are welcome to contact me via http://swordfire.net on anything.

SwordFire out!


For help setting up the Add-on alert buttons, please visit the Add-on homepage.


For Windows users: Neopets Toolbar is required for Firefox 3.0 users. Neopets Toolbar is not recommended for Firefox 3.5 users, until TNT/VSI releases their next compatible version.

For others: Neopets Toolbar is optional (until TNT release a compatible Neopets Toolbar for other OS/Fx) for Firefox 3.0 users. Neopets Toolbar is NOT recommended for Firefox 3.5 users.

NOTE REGARDING FIREFOX 3 AND NEOPETS TOOLBAR: Forcing the incompatible Neopets Toolbar to install and enable in Firefox 3 will cause both extensions to fail. Keep Neopets Toolbar DISABLED in the mean time. This is not a bug, but rather by design - the Add-on will always "piggyback" onto an enabled Neopets Toolbar, even when the Neopets Toolbar is not working in Firefox 3.


This extension is not in any way related to Neopets and its team. Please send all bugs and feature request via the Add-on's homepage.

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