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What are Omnisequences?

Omnisequences are keyboard sequences which you can customize.Are you one of those who type 'gi' and expect to be taken to home page of a site or press 'j', 'k' to navigatebetween the posts ? If 'yes' this addon is for you, you can download it and start using.Did you say 'no'? dont worry you are about to find out an awesome way to navigate web sites using keyboard without mouse.Keyboard sequences are different from keyboard shortcuts, lets take keyboard sequence 'gi', you type it by typing the first key 'g' followed by second key 'i', the catch is no need to hold key 'g' while typing the key 'i'.Can there single key keyboard sequences? yes.You can even have a keyboard sequence 'o' to open the current post/link you are in.This is inspired by google shortcuts.

What can I do with omnisequences?

You can sequence anything that you can do manually in a website. Examples would be you can have a sequence to
discover more sequences to import here
For more help/information take a look at the help page in the config screen.

Download files:


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