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DomOf.com, SEO Analysis


DomOf shows how much a website is worth, how many visitors it gets per day or possible Adsense Earnings, and also finds key information like: page rank, popularity, backlinks, indexed pages, and website valuation by profiling the website's technical info.

Addon Options Mods:
a) Default (Autorun unchecked) - The addon icon looks grey with a red "x", reacts on click and points to the full SEO report for the current tab's url
b) Interactive (Autorun checked) - The addon icon reacts on click and also shows one of 3 possible statuses (reflected from http://domof.com) for the current tab, that is grey for an unknown url, colored for an already existing SEO report for that domain, and grey with red x for a timeout.
c) Page Links - right click on any link from a web page reveals the DomOf button and will point to the page report for the selected link

Addon Icon Status:
a) Grey - when fresh install the addon shows a grey icon, meaning that one can only click it and blindly go for a possible link analysis or url report.
b) Colored - signals that the tab's url is known and the domain name has already been analysed (the pdf report is ready for download), on click it opens the page report
c) Grey with x - signals a timeout, you're probably surfing too fast, yet the button can be clicked for a possible site report.

More about this addon could be found here:

Reacts on any links (right click) from:
- search engines like: Google.com, Alexa.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, Aol.com
- social networks like: Reddit.com, StumbleUpon.com, Digg.com, Delicious.com, Diigo.com

Useful to get real time data about any domain of interest:
- page seo report,
- pdf seo report
- indexed pages,
- backlinks,
- adsense earnings,
- domain valuation,
- monthly earnings,
- unique visitors,
- number of social marks

Download files:


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