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Hemianopia Browser


Hemianopia, also known as hemianopsia, is a neurological condition that affects vision. It’s commonly associated with strokes and brain injuries.

The Hemianopia Tool

The Hemianopia plugin works quite simply. After installing, the plugin will draw a line on the page, upon which the user can click to change the color or disable it. They can also click and drag the bar to the best location for the site.

As the user is not able to see half of a web page, they also do not know where content starts and ends. The user simply needs to turn their head when they don’t see the bar to make sure they are not missing part of the site. This is especially true when the page includes related content in a right or left column.

We are looking for feedback to make it better in the future. Please let us know If you, or someone you know with Hemianopia, have comments about this tool. Yahoo! Accessibility

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