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This extension attempts to address the problem of StackOverflow clone sites - such as efreedom, comanswer and phpfile.org) appearing above original StackOverflow answers in google.

As well as being clones of the original information, these sites strip original author information and a number of other SO features, as well as covering the page in ads for their own benefit.

Landing on a page on one of the clone sites will result in automatic redirection to the original source on StackOverflow.

Original idea by Peter Steinberger (http://petersteinberger.com), who built the Chrome extension at https://github.com/steipete/stackoverflowerizer

Sites currently supported are:
- comanswer.com
- drija.com
- efreedom.com
- genmaint.com
- globberstack.com
- phpfile.org
- questionhub.com
- streamreader.org

Download files:


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