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InterfaceLIFT Downloader


Tired of "Right-mouse-click, Save Link As"? Don't want to use interfaceLIFT's bulk download service? Looking for an easy and private way to download your desktops?

To use this addon, simply go to http://interfacelift.com and click the checkboxes. As you do, the list on the left will begin to fill up. Once you're satisfied, click "Download Images" and they will be downloaded to your specified directory. An added feature (soon to become optional) pauses between each image.

Please note that there is an on-going bug that this addon will stop working if you switch to another tab. If that happens, simply click "Download Images" again to re-trigger.

Updated on 16 Nov 2012: 0.5 is currently being fully reviewed (for a second time), but you can download it in the mean time.

Download files:


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