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Google Privacy


Google Search and other search engines and websites seem to ignore Mozilla's 'Do-Not-Track'-header and add tracking functions to their search results and external links anyway.
This add-on shows tracking-free links or optionally replaces the results with those links.

Websites supported (for now) are Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook.

Known Issues

Add-on compatibility

Please Note: This software COMES AS IS! No warranties included - Please read also: DISCLAIMER
If you're scared sh*tless now, don't use it!

That said, if you find any problems or websites that stopped working, please report the issue!
You may also visit the project's gprivacy google code page where you can find a short explanation of the preferences,the latest development version and a problem issue tracking system.

One More Thing
This add-on does not -- and cannot -- recognize every mechanism companies use to track user behavior! In fact, this will be probably a losing battle.

With every redesign of a website, tracking mechanisms change, and this add-on will definitely become obsolete rather sooner than later. For our most used websites, We will try to keep this add-on as up-to-date as possible, but some others may fall through the cracks...

For this reason I suggest you don't use this add-on on its own. There are a lot of privacy and security add-ons out there, with RequestPolicy and FlashBlock being my favorites. I would recommend you to use these to together with this add-on. But there's also NoScript, which I personally don't use, but it comes highly recommended.

If you find that a website is starting to track you again or that this add-on is causing errors on a page, you can report the problem here.

If on the other hand, you want to help out and extend this add-on, see what developers can do!

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