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Forex Fox


Forex Fox is an extension for Firefox that displays currency exchange rates in your status bar.

Who would want to see fx rates in Firefox?
- FX Investors. You don't need to see a chart of the EUR/USD you just need the price. Did you get stopped out at 22? Just load firefox.
- FX Traders. Stay in the know while you browse the web without having to jump between screens.
- Geeks. FX is the hot new market. Be elite, and impress your girlfriends with your pound positions.
- International Business. Are you getting a good rate, calculating your profit in Euros, you need to know what the current rate is.
- Investors. Own stock in Deutche Telecom? EUR/USD will determine your bottom line.


- Displays major currencies pairs
- Only display the pairs that you want
- Updates data at user defined intervals
- Links to FX Extensions with additional information about fx rates and the fx markets.

Please note that the Forex Trading market is closed Friday 5pm NY time to Sunday 5pm NY time. ForexFox will display the closing currency pairs until the market is open again.

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